Apr 26

Sessions that I attended today (again merely translated from German where necessary), including some more or less detailed notes about the content:

  • Contract pokering and requirements engineering
    Chris Rupp and Annette Haupt, SOPHIST GmbH – very good speakers
    What needs to be defined in a contract, as few as possible <-> as much as necessary?
    Words by themselves are meaningless, they are only defined for a common social background/experience.
    Different stages of knowledge define how detailed customers will specify requirements and what their (implicit) expectations are.
    RCDA-process: Require, Commit, Deliver, Accept
  • Keynote: The Role of Java EE in Enterprise SOA Development at SAP
    Harald Müller, SAP
  • Keynote: Java IDE(s) – The, Now and Eventually
    David “I” Intersimone, Code Gear
  • Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications – Part 1
    Jochen Hiller, BOS and Gunnar Wagenknecht, Truition – good speakers, technically experienced
    Equinox base for a web server using Jetty as a servlet container, can run standalone or deployed as a standard WAR inside any application server.
    Full use of extension mechanism for web app development.
  • Java SE 6 only
    Adam Bien – very good speaker
    Discussion of several standard features in Java SE 6; proposal to use those as long as there are no further requirements -> eliminates dependencies to numerous frameworks, that may be superfluous anyway.
    ServiceLoader, XMLEncoder/-Decoder, JMX, DynamicProxy, CORBA, RMI, built-in scripting engines, Swing with sophisticated L&Fs;
    Domain Driven Design and Cross Cutting Concerns were also addressed at the end of the talk
  • Object-oriented Enterprise Java with Spring and AspectJ
    Eberhard Wulff, Interface21 – this time less motivated than yesterday somehow
    Spring template mechanism; exception translation -> this looks interesting e.g. for transforming error codes of stored procedures to custom exceptions; dependency injection; distributed applications, Spring Exporter, Proxy, HttpInvoker; Acegi Security System for Spring, annotation based security declaration -> this looks interesting, shoud review this some day.

Tomorrow will be the power workshops, where we will especially attend MDD with Eclipse. But we may also look into some of the other groups, if there is room for it.

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