Feb 02

I have been using Polarion.org’s Subversive plug-in for quite some time now. The latest version from Polarion was 1.1.9. Since the project is now hosted on Eclipse.org, the old update site does not provide the up-to-date version of Subversive. Fortunately, there is a migration guide for those who want to make the switch. The current version is 0.7, since Eclipse projects in incubation phase should have a version less than 1.0.

Migration in a nutshell:

  1. DO NOT UNINSTALL the Polarion.org version before installing the Eclipse.org version, otherwise you may lose all your SVN settings.
  2. Install the new version of Subversive + the SVN connectors (still from the Polarion site).
  3. Migrate your workspace via Help > Subversive > Migrate Projects and Settings. Do this for EACH workspace you want to be up-to-date.

(Please refer to the above mentioned migration guide for details.)

Unfortunately, shortly after I started the migration of projects and settings in my workspace, the dialog did not show any further progress after reporting that settings were converted and Eclipse seemed to hang somehow. Since nothing happened after a while, I decided to terminate the process and restart Eclipse. This time the migration worked, except for a warning that some closed projects could not be remapped. So I opened those projects and performed another migration which finished without any errors.

The next weeks will show whether it was a good idea to migrate to the still incubating project ;)