Apr 20

We are going to leave Bayreuth in about two hours. Tomorrow will be the first day of this year’s JAX conference. While the main conference starts on Tuesday, there will already be several so-called “Special Days” on Monday. We are going to attend the Agile Day. Here a little overview of the topics:

  • Comparison of several agile methods (eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Crystal and Feature Driven Development)
  • A guide to becoming agile
  • Collaboration in Java Projects (IBM Rational’s Jazz)
  • Scrum roles and their meaning for agile teams
  • Field report of a Product Owner
  • Agile project management with contracts for services

I think it is a good start to see the different methods at the beginning of the day to have a better understanding for the following more specialized topics. I hope to get a very good insight into agile methods and agile project management as everybody is talking about it and there are often also very controversial interpretations of what agile really is. Of course, there are and must be always different opinions about such things. After all, it’s not about the name or definition of a method, it’s about the success that the applied strategy is supposed to deliver…

2 Responses to “JAX 2008 Preview: Agile Day”

  1. Achim Says:

    Have a good “flight” and I wish you to get the right impressions…

  2. Kathrin Says:

    Sounds very interesting! Enjoy yourself!