May 13

Actually I was at the JAX in Wiesbaden (Germany) this week to attend the power workshop Eclipse RCP Clients with J2EE Backend for Enterprise Applications, but after the lunch break I decided to better watch the talk about Cruise Control, a tool that enables automated continuous integration as described by Martin Fowler and Matthew Foemmel.
Cruise Control will be one of the next things that I will have a closer look at and use for my current development work if possible.
If the speakers were not exaggerating then it’s really easy to install and configure the tool for projects that can already be automatically built and tested e.g. via Ant.

Btw, Adam Bien’s talk about Patterns for Asynchronous Applications was also interesting and a good recapitulation of asynchronous principles, mostly with curious real-life examples, such as cranes in the port of Hamburg that communicate with their central via JMS.

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